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Maxis Taste

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For all sim players who like to have a bit of maxis taste on their game

The Community
This is a community created for all sims players interested in Maxis/EA pre-made sims. It doesn't matter how you play or what your style is, or maybe you only want to see out what other simmers do with them, everyone is welcomed to join and/or watch.

In general terms the community focuses mostly in Sims 2, but anything about premade sims/hoods in any version of the game is welcomed, including stand alone and sims 3 store worlds

Posting is not moderated, but only related entries will be allowed. Comments are open for everyone with an LJ account, and light off topic comments are allowed, as long as it stays friendly and no one abuses, but all off-topic entries will be deleted.

What goes here
- Advertisement of any kind of story, game, challenge, legacy, etc, that focuses or includes pre-made sims and families.
- All kinds of general questions and/or sharing of information and findings about the related topics.
- Adds/posts about custom content aren't allowed unless is directly related to premade sims, lots and hoods, like recreated sims, premade themed recolors, and lots makeovers.
- For most community makeover challenges (dares, competitions, etc) we ask simmers to use sims without any kind of facial alteration/plastic surgery to make sure they are recognizable. (Most TS2 sims are available for download here. We don't have an official resource for Sims 3 yet, but they are easily extracted from the game)

Other rules to keep in mind
- Don't post WCIF's
- Please be friendly and respectful towards others.
- Light use of caplocks, italic, underline, netspeak, etc, is allowed as long as not excessive and the posts are understandable (but unless the entries are completely unintelligible, please be kind, and spare the poster the grammar lessons)
- All posts can have one picture (600x450 recommended, 650x600 max.) and some (short) text outside a lj-cut and you can either post directly on the community or link to your journal, but please remember to keep all appropriate warnings visible and clear before the cut when needed.
- All images and post outside cuts, as well user picts on the community must be work friendly.
- All posts that may contain adult context, teen related hacks, uncensored nudity, and other adult stuff must be posted outside the community and only linked to your personal journal with a clear and visible warning.
- Please don't lock comments in your post. Mods need to be able to contact you easily when needed.
- All members posts must be public unless it is something directed to members-only, in which case, please explain the mods why first.
- Do not post more than once a day, especially if making the same type of post (two makeovers for example). If for any reason you need to advertise to similar post, please use one post with one picture outside the cut or two small ones (only exception) placed side by side to look as one (not bigger than 650 in total). If you have two different posts (like a story update and a dare post) you could eventually post twice that day, but please avoid this as possible.
- Please try to avoid spamming the comm. We don't have a weekly limit of posts per member, and we don't want to set one, but please be reasonable when posting. If you have daily posts to advertise, you can always wait a couple of days and make one entry to share your posts at once, instead of posing continuously every day.
- Always use the appropriate tags when posting. If you're new to post stories here we'll give you a "story by:" tag, but you can start by using the "!tag needed" tag (this is only for story updates!)
- You must use a Livejournal Account to post to the community. (you can link to other journals, blogs, or forums, but need an LJ to post here)
- In doubt, please contact aledstrange before posting.

The Cult of Frances - cultofrances: All Hail The Lord Frances J. Worthington III

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Disclaimer :This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.

Image on current header credits to madame_ugly. Featuring Dustin Broke.