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Pleasantview: Day One - Pleasant

The Pleasant Household is one I usually end up fighting instead of playing. I have a problems with 3/4 of the home: Daniel, a Romance Sim, the Romance Sims that I play who are married don't cheat and Daniel is supposed to cheat. Mary-Sue, why is she supposed to get demoted? The game will have her demoted regardless of what chance card option you select unless you ignore it. The chance cards are bad enough normally, but having one you cannot win is really annoying. The last, but not least, Angela; yes, she makes Dustin happy and for that I am grateful, but even when Lilith tries to be nice to her, Angela wants to fight with her anyway. Lilith I don't have a problem with. Her parents have not taught her to do homework and they don't have a high enough relationship score to teach her now. In the past I have used the make me friends with everyone here cheat and Angela will still fight with Lilith and her parents will still ignore her.

According to the Prima Guide you should send Mary-Sue off to work and the twins off to school. Then, once the maid has gotten there, cleaned, and asked if Daniel wants her to stay, you have him say yes and then have them cuddle on the bed. Now you are supposed to wait until the unwinnable chance card for Mary-Sue and then just as she and the twins get home, have Daniel and Kaylynn WooHoo. This is to be done so Mary-Sue and Kaylynn will fight and the teens will act out.

Just as a side note, I have had Daniel and Kaylynn WooHoo as soon as she asked about staying after work and they can be done with everything before Mary-Sue gets home.

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