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Maxis Taste Stories Resource Directory

Mod's note: The Directory is still roughly categorized. It will be edited and improved as more entries come along. Don't forget to include your stories and/or challenges in this post. Stories don't have to be exclusively about or with maxis sims, only need to be included on the storyline. For now stories are added in the same order they are received.

** I'm having odd problems with the code every time a new update its done. I fixed all the mess up after last time now, but there are still issues with ljuser links.  Thanks to the person who let us know about wrong names. I apologize  for the mistake**


All and Mostly Maxis: All stories with only or mostly maxis sims on the plot.

To Fear the Dawn bycindyanne1
(tag link @ livejournal)
A love story that tells about the origins of Vamprocillin-D. A Strangetown vampire story with Maxis Strangetown characters and a few CAS sims.
Warnings: Language, partial nudity, sexual situations, violence
Status: Completed

Pale Horse Riders bycindyanne1
(tag link @ livejournal)
Sequel to To Fear the Dawn; set in the same "universe" and involving the same characters. Tells about the origins of the Resurrect-O-Nomitron.
Warnings: Language, partial nudity, sexual situations, violence
Status: Completed

Poison's Bend bycindyanne1
(tag link @ livejournal)
A Black Widow Challenge story involving a CAS and most of the males in Strangetown.
Warnings: Language, partial nudity, sexual situations, violence
Status: Completed

Xenophobia - Pride & Prejudice bysadieg79
(Blog link @ blogspot- Preface. Links to the chapters are on the left)
Fear breeds hatred. Hatred breeds violence. Violence is fueled by aggression, which runs rampant through the all-human, all-male household. Caught in the crossfire is a boy in his mid-teens, bound to one family by blood, and the other by friendship. All he wants is for the two sparring households to make up and move on, but what will it take for that to happen?
Part one of a trilogy following the Grunt and Smith families, also including the Specter household, with a few custom characters thrown in.
Rating: M
State: Current - nearly finished

CrushCrushCrush by move_objectson**
(story entry @ livejournal)
Short anti-Valentines Day story featuring Don Lothario, Cassandra Goth, Dina & Nina Caliente and Kaylynn Langerak.
State: Finished.

Every Perfect Life bysmjoshsims
(tag link @ livejournal)
A story about the Pleasant family ten years after where Maxis leaves them, with numerous twists.
warnings: Language, sexual situations are implied. Each chapter has individual warnings.
State: It's ongoing, but it will be finished soon.

Remix byaledstrange
(story journal @ livejournal)
The story about very different families merging into one, and bringing together two kids who will become the most unlikely friends, as the go though the obstacles of high school years. The story takes place on a uberhood and includes several character of all various maxis neighborhoods, but centers mostly on Goth, Grunts along with Smiths, Curious, Lothario, Caliente, Capp, Tricou and more.
Warnings: Adult content
State: Current, temporarily on hold.

Who's Terrano? byaledstrange
(tag link @ livejournal)
Stella Terrano's search for her past, will lead to encounter her destiny in the strangest place. This is a side story of Remix, set mainly on La Fiesta Tech Campus.
Warnings: Language
State: on hold

Rain in the Desert by kaleilieghphant 
 The Curious brothers have never had an easy life. Can they turn their luck around? (Sims involved: the Curious brothers, Jenny Smith, Loki Beaker, Nervous Subject, and Lola and Chloe Curious.)
Ratings/Special Warnings: Contains adult concepts and adult language.
State: On hold.

Stories that make baby Nervous Cry by kaleilieghphant 
Strangetown gets a little stranger with the addition of magic. (Sims involved: almost all of them, except for the Specter household and half of the Smith family.)
Ratings/special warnings: Adult concepts and adult language.
State: Current.

Pleasantly Strange by meetme2theriver 
(tag link @ livejournal)
What DID happen to Bella Goth? This story explores the disappearance of Bella and the link between Strangetown and Pleasantview. Features all the characters from both neighborhoods, with the main focus being on the Goths.
Rating/Special warnings: PG13 (language, some sexual and violent references)
State: Current/In progress

Maxis Minor
: all stories where maxis sims are a overall minority and/or have a secondary role on the plot.

Obsession by aledstrange 
(tag link @ livejournal)
How far Allie will go, driven by her obsession over bots and the man of her dreams. CAS with maxis sims as secondary characters.
Warnings: light language, partial nudity
State: Current. (Almost finished)

Dragging Blue Lake by penelopethefox 
(blog link @ blogspot)
A re-imagining of the Maxis base game plots, centering around Pleasantview and the House of Fallen Trees. Takes place 24 years after Bella Goth's disappearance, 76 years after the Tricou murders and one day after the death of Don Lothario.
Rating: R for violence, language, sexuality, adult themes, heavy prose
State: Current (It should be a pretty long-running series)


The Strangetown Supernatural Asylum bycindyanne1
(tag link @ livejournal)
An Asylum Challenge featuring the Strangetown residents who have been altered into various supernatural states. Mostly commentary-based.
Warnings: Language, partial nudity, sexual situations, in-game context sim death
Status: Not completed

Sim Bin Island Prosperity by pnkpnthr334**
A Prosperity Challenge with the starting generation being nine of the families found in the Sim Bin. The families are the Cookes, Gavigans, Goodies, Newsons, Ottamas, Picasos, Ramaswamis, Roselands, and Travellers.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13. Occasional WooHoo shot, partial nudity, teen-adult romantic relationships.
State: Current, updated roughly every 2 weeks

** tech note**
: I'm having a few problems with links on the entry, specially with the ljuser and the ljcuts  :/ I was having the same problem on my own journal. no idea why, but I'll do my best to get it fixed. Be patience, It's not intentional :(

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Now go read something and have fun!! :D
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